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Herbalist School in Georgia - GA

Herbalist schools in Georgia offer a range of options for exploring this exciting healing art. There are different levels of study, including certificate, bachelor of science, and post-baccalaureate programs. People who have degrees may also pursue short herbalist courses. Other study options include comprehensive three or four year degree programs.  There are differences in format as well as depth. Some programs offer fieldwork and, yes, 'mountain work' others can be completed at home, through online or distance learning formats.

Coursework should include identification of herbs and techniques for assessing health.  It will also include a study of ethics, which will cover professional and legal standards and may also extend to the process of plant harvesting. The focus may be in American, Chinese, or Ayurvedic herbology, or may be comprehensive.  (Even programs that focus on a particular tradition -- Oriental medicine, for instance -- will include in the Materia Medica remedies from around the world.) Coursework may include evaluating real life situations, planning appropriate treatment, and altering its course in response to comments by the instructor.

In addition to content, programs vary in cost and logistics. Some may offer work study options or other financial aid packages.

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