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Herbalist School in Hawaii - HI

Those seeking herbalist schools in Hawaii will be glad to know there are a number of options on the islands and also online. Programs range from short certificate courses to three and four year degree programs.  Shorter programs may be appropriate for those pursuing a personal interest or for those who already have degrees in a related field.  Anyone seeking certification through AHG, though, will need at least four years of postsecondary study.

Typical coursework will give in-depth knowledge of botany and materia medica -- natural remedies -- as well as human anatomy. Students will also explore the history of herbalism and learn how to understand and carry out field research. Supervised clinical experience is included in higher level degree programs. Professionalism and ethics also get extensive coverage since alternative health professionals are expected to work cooperatively with the medical establishment and refer patients as necessary. Because herbalists are not doctors, they are prohibited from making diagnoses.

Curriculum will vary somewhat, depending on whether one is pursuing herbalism in isolation, or in conjunction with another health field, like acupuncture. Some courses of study may focus particularly on one herbal tradition, like Chinese or native Hawaiian herbology, while others will have greater breadth.

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