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Herbalist School in Idaho - ID

Idaho is a largely rural state full of people who live close to the land and value natural ways of living and healing.  Though the state is sparsely populated, there are a few herbalist schools in Idaho where you can get a comprehensive education in the philosophy and practice of herbalism.

However, if you can’t find a program close enough to where you live, or if a strict course schedule doesn’t fit your busy life, you don’t need to give up—many herbalist schools offer online and distance-learning courses that let you complete your herbalism education at your own pace in your free time.

As herbalism is not regulated by the federal or state government and practitioners are not licensed, there is no standardized curriculum for learning to be an herbalist.  Yet there is a widely accepted course of study that includes topics like botany, the history and philosophy of herbal medicine, plant identification, human sciences, biology, and related fields. Though most comprehensive education programs last two to three years, you can also find short programs lasting just a few months and providing an in-depth education in the properties of specific plants and herbs or particular subfield of herbalism.

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