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Herbalist School in Illinois - IL

Herbalist schools in Illinois are dedicated to providing students with the most comprehensive, and challenging curriculum. It is this strong educational background that gives students competency for clinical training, and ultimately for careers in herbalism.

In 2007, about 8.5% of the newborn population was born at a lower-than-normal birth weight. Herbal therapy and nutrition has been successfully used during prenatal care to help abate these types of health concerns. It is important to understand that herbal medicines are used for almost any type of medical condition that exists.

In Illinois, herbal medicine courses are unique because they prepare students for employment in a wide variety of settings. Herbalists can work in retail herb shops or pharmacies, or in the medical setting of a holistic practitioner. They also have the opportunity to work as teachers, consultants, and writers. Some herbal professionals in Illinois even decide to take their career to the next level by starting their own herb farm. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Although curriculum varies between schools and educational programs, schools in Illinois that offer herbalism education typically include these courses as part of their herbal degree program programs:

  • Botany and Plant Identification
  • Fundamentals of Toxicology
  • Safety in Botanical Medicine
  • Basics of Herbalism
  • Personal and Community Health

Through both online and campus-based studies, aspiring herbalists in Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, and Joliet, Illinois will be adequately prepared and ready for entry into lucrative careers within the various different branches of herbal medicine.

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