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Herbalist School in Kentucky - KY

If you have decided that you are ready to begin an exciting career in herbalism, then your first step is the select an herbalist school in Kentucky. Because these schools aim to provide top-notch education, they are equipped with the latest technology and the most experienced instructors.

As an herbal medicine professional, you will be able to work in virtually any type of herbal environment you want. Depending on which direction you decide to take your career, you may find yourself working as a researcher or a writer, or perhaps even side-by-side with holistic and naturopathic practitioners.

One of the main concepts of an herbalist education is that herbal remedies can work independently or alongside western medicine to treat an array of health conditions. Even with complex medical issues like diabetes, herbal treatments have been successful. In 2009, about 11.5% of the adult population was affected by diabetes, which constituted about 362,859 Kentucky residents. One of the things you will learn in school is how herbal remedies can be used to abate these types of health conditions.

Some of the classes you will take:

  • History of Conventional Medicine
  • History of Herbal Medicine
  • Professional Ethics
  • Plant Identification
  • Sowing, Germination, Growing, and Harvesting

By completing online and campus-based programs, future herbalists in Louisville, Lexington, and Owensboro, Kentucky can look forward to exciting careers in the field of herbal therapeutics.

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