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Herbalist School in Louisiana - LA

By attending an herbalist school in Louisiana, you will learn about the intriguing history of herbal medicine and how it evolved to become one of the most widely used methods of medicinal therapy. A strong educational background in herbal therapy is what will help you develop a successful career in herbalism.

In 2009, about 64.9% of Louisiana’s adult population was affected by obesity, compared with 60.8% nationally. This percentage equates to about 2,003,073 residents. What most people don’t realize that herbal remedies have been extremely effective against weight gain and weight-related health conditions. What this shows is that herbalism has many effective uses, and that the need for well-educated herbalists in Louisiana remains strong.

Herbalist schools in Louisiana are equipped with technologically-advanced curriculums that provide students with an extremely comprehensive educational base. This type of education prepares students for employment in retail herbal shops, herbal pharmacies, within the offices of naturopathic practitioners, or even as scientific researchers.

In Louisiana, no state regulation over this profession exists, and each school is able to design its own curriculum against its own standards. Some of the herbal medicine courses you will take include:

  • Basic and Therapeutic Nutrition
  • Plant Chemistry
  • Plant Identification
  • Medicolegal Issues and Professional Ethics
  • Anatomy and Physiology

Through both online and campus-based studies, aspiring herbalists in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport, Louisiana will be well-prepared for lucrative careers within a variety of herbal health environments.

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