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Herbalist School in Massachusetts - MA

In 2007, it was reported that 33.2% of Massachusetts’ population (1,606,514 adult residents) was affected by a mental health condition. Many times conventional medicine aims to treat these types of ailments with anti-depressant medications, but herbal therapy can be equally, if not more, successful than traditional treatment options.

Herbalist schools in Massachusetts are designed to help students understand that traditional western medicine is not the only solution to preventing and controlling diseases and illnesses. In fact, because of herbal medicine’s longstanding history, it continues to prove its efficacy with each passing day.

In Massachusetts, herbalism students are not locked into any one specific career direction. On the contrary, they are qualified to pursue several avenues of employment, such as within herbal shops, herbal pharmacies, herbal manufacturing, herbal production, or even as researchers of new and inventive herbal therapies.

Because there is no licensing requirement for herbalists in Massachusetts, each school can design its own educational programs. Some of the courses includes with these programs include:

  • Basic/Advanced Herbology
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Toxicology and Pharmacology
  • Biology
  • Phytotherapy

With both online and campus-based programs, potential herbalists in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Cambridge, and Lowell, Massachusetts can seek prosperous careers as herbal medicine professionals.

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