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Herbalist School in Michigan - MI

Herbalist schools in Michigan are available both online, in traditional college settings, and in private settings, offered by licensed herbalists. Many students of herbal medicine opt for distance learning, as they can complete the requirements of the courses at their own pace, on their own terms. Herbal medicine education may focus on clinical or constitutional herbalism or on material medicia. They may take from one to three years to complete, and usually result in a certificate (although associate and bachelor degree programs in herbal medicine do exist).

Herbal medicine courses one can expect to take in a herbalist school in Michigan include physiology, organ systems, therapeutic and treatment methods, patient records and intake, and material medicia, which covers the botanical nature of plants (including habitat, constitution, distribution, appearance and taste, how to grow or gather plants, what parts are used, how they should be prepared, dosages, how they are used in therapy and how they are used as remedies).  There are no licenses or certifications necessary to practice herbal medicine in Michigan, nor is the practice of herbal medicine regulated by any state agency. After graduation, look for a position as an herbalist in Michigan. There are a variety of herbal farms around the state including Weed Dance Farm in Gobles and Creekside Herbs & Art in Cedarville. Even if these farms do not currently have job opportunities for recent graduates of herbal training, getting in touch with them might help point you in the direction of a job.

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