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Herbalist School in Minnesota - MN

Herbalist schools in Minnesota offer educational programs for anyone seeking training in herbalism. This profession is open to practitioners on many different educational levels starting with certification programs. There are several stages of certification you can choose from, each building on each other, giving you more knowledge and greater skills in your profession. If you decide you want to pursue a formal degree, there are programs available that will take longer than the certification process, but will afford you greater career opportunities upon completion.

One of the degrees available specific to herbalism is a master of science in herbal medicine that may be rare to find at campus based schools in Minnesota, but thankfully there are several online choices. This program covers both foundational subjects and in-depth studies into how herbs affect our wellness and overall health. Some of the areas of study in the first three years of the program cover subjects such as:

  • Biological, psychological and social wellness
  • Integration of plants and health
  • Environmental inputs
  • Endogenous processes
  • Clinical strategies
  • Nutrition and behavior modification
  • Cases studies and a problem solving

The final year will be an extensive supervised intern program. One good place to connect with other herbalist in Minnesota for your internship is the Minnesota Herbalist Holistic Health Festival. For information you can check their website at http://www.minnesotaherbalist.com/herbfest.html.

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