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Herbalist School in Mississippi - MS

There are many options available to those seeking herbalist schools in Mississippi. Program selection depends on individual goals. Who seeks a degree in herbalism? Sometimes prospective students are people who are part of, or plan to become certified in, another health field.  In Mississippi and many other states, Chinese herbology falls within the scope of practice of acupuncture.  Integrative medicine is also becoming increasingly popular.

Other herbalists can be found consulting, educating, writing, and operating retail establishments. Educational needs vary. Those seeking positions outside the medical establishment will find themselves with a number of schooling options, both online and traditional.  Residents of small towns or even cities like West Gulfport and Hattiesburg may find that their favored school is at a distance.  Some schools offer nontraditional scheduling, but distance learning may be the best option for many.

Herbalists learn far more than botany. They become part of a team of health workers. Herbalism is often practiced as complementary medicine. A person with cancer, for instance, may take chemotherapy, but also drink a tincture of Essiac. This should be done with the full support of the practicing doctor. Britain’s NIMH website is an excellent resource on professional standards for herbal healers.

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