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Herbalist School in Nebraska - NE

Educational programs are available from various organizations and herbalist schools in Nebraska. There are many good online opportunities for the student who wishes to become an herbalist, and considers this type of education more convenient than traditional classroom settings.

The course of education you elect is really dependent on how you want to approach your practice. Completing programs from herbalist schools in Nebraska allows you to practice as an herbalist without state licensure. There are however, schools and organizations that offer training that includes certification at different levels of program completion. Some students choose to seek traditional degrees in other medical practices, such as acupuncture, and then add herbalist training after obtaining their degree.

The certification programs will take the least amount of time and can often be completed in as little as five months for a basic certification. If you elect to seek an advanced certificate program, your training will take several months longer and cover more in-depth study into the medical use of herbs.

Some of the more complex coursework covers the following examples:

  • Fundamentals of Vitalist Medicine
  • Vitalist Therapeutics for Acute Symptoms
  • Clinical Nutrition in the Vitalist Paradigm
  • Toxicity and Detoxification
  • Reproduction and Vitalist Therapeutics
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