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Herbalist School in Nevada - NV

Herbalist schools provide online programs as well as programs within the state borders of Nevada. Some herbal medicine farms and practices offer their own education and courses, sometimes in the hopes of training an apprentice who will join and contribute to the practice upon completion of their herbalist training.

Herbal medicine courses you will most likely find in Nevada include training in materia medica (which concerns the physical medicinal properties of plants), energetic coursework (the energetic interactions of plants with other plants and with people), cultivating techniques (planting, growing, sowing), herbal preparation and medicine making, body systems and physical functions, case assessment and studies, animal and pet care using herbs, practitioner skills, and professional ethics. Herbal medicine programs can last from six months to three or four years, depending upon the eventual outcome of the program (i.e., certificate or associate/bachelor degree). Some choose to go on for more training in alternative and complimentary medicine as it has become both wise and profitable to combine conventional medicine practices with other alternative, non-conventional, herbal medicinal practices.

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