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Herbalist School in New Hampshire - NH

Herbalist schools in New Hampshire are plentiful and found all over the state. Herbal medicine courses are often offered by practicing herbalists working at herbal centers and/or farms, who may even take a student on as an apprentice during the course of herbal education. Other herbal medicine courses are available online. Most herbal medicine schools have no prerequisites other than being at least 18 years of age and holding a high school diploma or GED. Many programs will require students to have physical stamina and be able to walk and hike outdoors for long periods of time, sometimes for distances as great as five miles long.

Herbal medicine courses one will most likely find at any herbalist school in New Hampshire will cover topics such as organic gardening; herbs for pets, the elderly, men, women and children; wild plant identification; planning, planting and maintaining herb gardens; healthy compost;   responsible harvesting; hands-on gardening; herbal tonics; medicinal preparations; poultices; compresses; flower essences; companion planting; basics of aromatherapy; herbal tea blending; and soap making. Many herbal medicine schools in New Hampshire will also offer practicums, where students will receive hands-on experience in using the skills and knowledge they have learned in their herbal medicine courses.

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