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Herbalist School in New Jersey - NJ

For those interested in alternative medicine, there are many herbalist schools in New Jersey which offer herbal medicine courses and education in the discipline. Courses are available both at on-site schools and online through distance learning. Most programs take one to two years to complete. While there are usually no prerequisites for admission to a program other than possession of a high school diploma, some schools require completion of a basic anatomy and/or physiology course prior to admission.

Courses you will likely take in herbalism education include field botany, introduction to phytochemistry of medical plants, traditional Chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine, Native American medicine, diagnostics, therapeutic protocols, case histories, and the history of western herbal medicine. Many who are already practicing health care or allied health professionals choose to further their education through herbal studies, giving them a more well-rounded background. Whether you are new to the health care field or are a seasoned nurse or physician, herbalist schools in New Jersey will provide new horizons of alternative medical education. After graduation, you will be presented with opportunities for professional certification. Although this is not a state requirement for herbalists practicing in New Jersey, some opt to become certified to increase their job and advancement opportunities.

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