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Herbalist School in North Carolina - NC

When most people think of herbalism, they think of simple, natural remedies that offer an alternative to the complicated procedures of conventional western medicine. Yet herbalism is a complex practice in its own right. In order to practice herbalism effectively, herbalists must know a great deal about the human body, the properties of different plants and herbs, and, of course, the effects of plants on the body.

Herbalist education programs therefore encompass a broad range of subjects, from botany and herbal preparation to anatomy and nutrition. Most programs also let students focus on their areas of interest. Herbalists specialize in a wide range of fields, from American folk herbalism to traditional Chinese medicine. Some herbalists may also choose to focus on the plants that grow naturally in North Carolina, while others may be interested in more exotic varieties.

Herbalism has no standard curriculum, though, so it’s important to look into the specific courses offered by different herbalist schools in North Carolina before choosing a program. With herbalist schools in cities like Asheville, Charlotte, and Raleigh, you have plenty of options when choosing herbalist school in North Carolina. Many online schools also offer online programs in herbalism for those who need more flexibility.

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