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Herbalist School in North Dakota - ND

The aspiring herbalist will find a variety of program options, both online and traditional. Some are brief survey courses, while others provide a comprehensive undergraduate or graduate education. Programs vary, too, in their emphasis. Herbalist schools in North Dakota introduce students to a range of traditions, from Chinese to Ayurvedic to folk American. In some programs, herbal studies are combined with acupuncture or comprehensive wellness.

There are commonalities between programs. With the exception of certificate courses, degree programs include rigorous coursework in a variety of disciplines. These typically include anatomy and physiology, materia medica (or herbal remedies), field-related history and research, and professional standards and ethics.

Herbalist schools train students to be an integral part of the health care team. Herbalists work cooperatively with other health care professionals. As the National Institute of Medicinal Herbs cautions, it is important that clients discuss possible interactions with a licensed medical professional. In cases of serious illness and emergency, a person will need care by traditional doctors or surgeons. In many cases, though, herbs work very well in tandem with other medical treatments. Generally, herbalists may educate but not prescribe -- unless of course they are also certified as medical professionals.

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