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Herbalist School in Ohio - OH

Those seeking herbalist schools in Ohio will find a number of options from brief certificate programs to comprehensive studies lasting four years. The decision is based on career goals as well as prior education and certifications.

Ohio has granted doctors freedom to practice complementary medicine. Herbalism and other alternative medicines are increasingly valued within the mainstream medical establishment and some people choose to pursue training in herbs in conjunction with other studies. CAM specialists who have training/ certification in other medical fields may be more likely to procure positions in hospitals of integrative medicine like Ohio State Medical Center's Center for Integrative Medicine.

Others herbalist programs prepare people for careers outside the traditional medical establishment.  In Ohio, you will also find herbalists leading retreats and workshops. Ohio, like other US states, does not allow people to practice medicine without a license. It does, however, allow them to act in a consulting role. An herbalist should be wary of her language and of making claims to cure illnesses.

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