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Herbalist School in Oregon - OR

Oregon’s natural beauty is legendary, from mountains like Mt. Hood to rocky beaches to deep evergreen forests. It’s no surprise that Oregonians like to get outside and stay healthy in natural ways. As a result of this interest in natural well-being, there are many opportunities to attend herbalist school in Oregon.

Traditionally, herbalists learn by taking internships or apprenticeships with mentors or masters. Since Oregon has such an abundance of herbalists, this is a great way to learn from someone who knows the philosophy and practice of herbalism. You can find someone on your own, or you can contact the American Herbalists Guild, Washington Herbalists Association, or another professional organization for assistance in finding a credentialed, trained herbalist who can teach you and guide you on the way to your own successful career.  It’s also possible to undergo herbal medicine training in Oregon through a course or workshop, usually offered by practicing herbalists who enjoy teaching. You can also find a distance-learning or online course if you want to proceed at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Herbal medicine curriculums in Oregon are not standardized, so your course will be unique. Still, most herbalist programs include classes in fields like botany, physiology, plant identification, chemistry, and human sciences. In addition to coursework, you’ll need to spend some time in clinical training to pick up practical skills. Finally, if you have a particular interest, you can often find workshops or short courses focusing on specific topics.

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