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Herbalist School in Pennsylvania - PA

Since herbal medicine is becoming more acceptable as a medical practice, herbalist schools in Pennsylvania and across the United States are becoming more prevalent. There are a variety of herbal education programs available on the Internet and in regular, traditional school settings that can train students in the arts, practices and skills of herbalism. Most of these schools combine herbal medicine courses with practical field experiences, internships or apprenticeships. Some opportunities for training in herbal medicine are offered by Pennsylvania’s Amish community. Many Amish are very happy to interact with the public, and enjoy the chance to teach more people their herbal medicinal knowledge and skills, which involve the long-held tradition of using herbs that have been proven to either treat or cure conditions among their people.

Herbal medicine courses one can expect to take in a herbalist school in Pennsylvania include courses in organic and wildcrafted herbs, herbal potions, anatomy, physiology, body systems and functions, aromatherapy, ayurvedic medicine, medical record keeping, professional ethics and medical terminology. Herbalist education programs can take from six months to four years to complete, and may result in a certificate, associate degree or even a bachelor degree.

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