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Herbalist School in Rhode Island - RI

People who wish to enroll in herbalist schools in Rhode Island can explore Web-based and distance learning programs. For example, some online and correspondence programs equip students with skills in holistic health, including nutrition, lifestyle and health curricula rooted in knowledge of natural medicine through online education forums and MP3 audio.  Others provide Internet instruction in specific programs of focus, e.g., in herbal medicine and botanical safety, as well as associate and master degree programs in alternative healing techniques.  Others award undergraduate degrees in the related programs like health. 

Herbalist education generally includes coursework in the human sciences, use of herbal remedies and history of the field.  Classes may focus on topics such as herbs as medicine, plant identification and phytochemistry, and enrollees learn to utilize the scientific method to develop and to implement techniques for treating illnesses.  Many online and campus based programs in Rhode Island also integrate experiential learning through clinical work, including hands-on practice in developing herbal formulas and assessing patient conditions under the guidance of an experienced herbalist.

In addition to program studies, the American Herbalist Guild (AHG) offers continuing education for practitioners who wish to remain abreast of emerging trends in the field.  Practitioners might also join the New England chapter of The Herb Society of America, which holds educational symposia, workshops and meetings in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

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