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Herbalist School in Tennessee - TN

Individuals who want to attend herbalist school in Tennessee will learn the use of natural remedies as well as study herbal therapy, botany and biology.  Classes address topics such as drug and herb interactions and the medical application of drugs in place of pharmaceuticals.  In addition, some herbal schools require hands-on fieldwork to supplement textbook studies and to provide practical experience. 

Individuals who want to pursue herbal studies in Tennessee should consider online and distance learning courses.  They might opt to pursue, for instance, either a blended model of instruction that uses both the Internet and MP3 files or wholly Web-based and correspondence programs that offer several certificates, e.g., in herbal medicine, herbal retail management and natural products manufacturing.  All of these programs provide instruction in natural health and herbal healing.  Some online programs also offer undergraduate and advanced degrees.

In addition, herbalists in Tennessee can join the Nashville division of The Herb Society of America, a non-profit that promotes the use of herbs through educational programs, research and knowledge exchange.  The Nashville Unit, established in 1973, hosts a speakers bureau as well as symposia for the public.  Furthermore, herbalists may seek membership in the American Herbalist Guild (AHG), which offers continuing education courses.

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