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Herbalist School in Vermont - VT

Herbalist schools in Vermont offer education for alternative health care services based on natural ingredients and strategies. Herbal education includes finding, recognizing, and properly harvesting plants and herbs; creating the correct type of application (oil, salve, tincture, tea, etc.); assessing the malady and corresponding treatment; and supplementing and complementing traditional Western medicine when required. Herbalists must know not only the human body and its maladies, but also the types of plants that contain the ingredients that will best treat these illnesses. The knowledge an herbalist gains provides a viable alternative for people to cope with illnesses and stress without the side effects and expense often associated with pharmaceutical drugs. 

During the first year of study, students in Vermont typically learn about human physiology, botany, plant physiology, plant chemistry, and common first aid salves, disinfectants, and oils derived from herbs and plants. The second year includes topics such as learning to identify imbalances in the human body, herbal remedies for special populations (e.g., children, the elderly, pregnant women), plant pharmacology, herbal safety, and ethics. Finally, students study topics that cover how to utilize some of the Western diagnostic tools, how to develop business strategies, and how to prepare herbal remedies for diseases such as autoimmune problems, chronic illnesses, and even cancer. Every level of study includes opportunities for gaining practical experience for finding, preparing, and utilizing herbal remedies.

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