Herbalist School in Virginia - VA

Individuals interested in herbalist school in Virginia should examine distance learning and Web-based options.  These will accommodate learners’ schedules and provide them the flexibility to meet the demands of their lifestyles, including possible full-time job responsibilities.  Some schools offer diploma programs in master herbalism and botanical safety as well as Bachelor, Master and doctoral degrees in healing through Internet-based coursework.  Others educate students in nutrition and holistic health through instruction online and on MP3 files.  In general, herbalist education will include studies in herbal remedies, anatomy, natural therapeutic approaches and phytochemistry.  Some programs may require students to demonstrate the practical application of textbook lessons through hands-on, experiential activities in real-world settings.  

The Virginia Commonwealth, Colonial Triangle of Virginia and Tidewater Units of The Herb Society of America provide opportunities for continuing education and resource exchange among professionals in the field.  Members may participate in study groups, workshops and symposia as well as contribute to special publications that discuss herbs and their many uses in-depth.  In addition, individuals may participate in the American Herbalist Guild (AHG), a non-profit organization that promotes education in the study and practice of therapeutic herbalism through increased awareness and knowledge of the field.

Herbalist Schools