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Herbalist School in Washington - WA

Washington is a state full of rugged natural beauty, populated by people who care about taking care of their bodies in natural, holistic ways.  Due to these factors, you have a number of options available when considering herbalist schools in Washington.

Most herbalists receive education and training from other herbalists, often through an apprenticeship. Others take courses in botany and herbalism from universities, medical schools, or other alternative and natural medicine schools, including naturopathic colleges. You can use an association like the American Herbalists Guild or Washington Herbalists Association to help you find an experienced teacher or mentor or an accredited school near you. You will also find online courses that will suit your academic needs.

Though herbal medicine curriculums are not yet standardized, most comprehensive herbalist programs in Washington will include courses in botany, plant identification, physiology, medicine making, and human sciences, in addition to clinical training. You can also take short programs or workshops focusing on a particular tradition or branch of herbalism, or learning about a specific type of plant or illness.

There are also a number of online programs available for those who wish to proceed at their own pace or who hope to combine an apprenticeship and independent study with a more structured course format.

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