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Herbalist School in West Virginia - WV

Although there are no dedicated herbalist schools in West Virginia, aspiring professionals can pursue studies through Internet and distance education.  Online studies enable individuals to study at their own pace and timing so that they can undertake classes in accordance with their schedules.  This enables them to spend the time necessary on program modules to ensure their thorough understanding of course materials in preparation for their transition into herbalist careers.

People who wish to become herbalists can explore programs that offer several graduate-level certificate and diploma programs.  Course content typically includes subject matter such as anatomy, physiology, phytochemistry and alternative medicine.  In addition to certificate and diploma options, some schools award undergraduate and graduate degrees in alternative medicine and holistic health, including bachelor, master doctoral credentials.  Individuals who want to acquire an understanding of health science might consider online degree programs relevant to herbalism studies like nutrition science that address lifestyle and health habits through Internet-based curricula.  In addition to Web-based textbook studies, some herbalist training in West Virginia may require experiential learning through fieldwork so students can acquire hands-on experience.  These kinds of internships are commonly under the mentorship of a skilled professional.

West Virginian herbalists can also join the American Herbalist Guild (AHG) for ongoing education and training.

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