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Herbalist School in Wisconsin - WI

Herbalist schools in Wisconsin can be found across the state as well as online. Most programs in herbal education culminate in a diploma or certificate, but there is no existing educational standard for the herbalist professional as an individual or for the industry as a whole. Herbal medicine courses are offered by practicing herbalists, through some colleges and universities, and online through distance learning programs. The only prerequisite most schools have, besides being at least 18 or 21, is that you must possess a high school diploma or GED.

Herbal medicine courses you will most likely encounter at herbalists schools in Wisconsin include foundations in herbal medicine, Chinese herbology, history and philosophy of herbal medicine, botany, the language of plants, manufacturing herbal medicines, as well as a clinical rotation to give you the vital exposure that only clinical experience can provide. Depending upon the program you choose, your education in herbalism will probably take one to four years to complete, and you will graduate with a degree, diploma or certificate. Herbalists practice all across Wisconsin and can be found in Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay.

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has been conducting studies and trying to develop medicines from mushrooms and plants. The school has built a reputation upon research focused on creating new drugs using American Indian herbal remedies and wild mushrooms. Wisconsin provides a wonderfully vibrant environment in which to study and practice herbalism.

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