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Herbal Medicine Training in Alabama - AL

Herbalist training programs in Alabama are available for those who wish to pursue the study of herbal medicine for themselves, as a way to build and maintain good health, or to become practitioners and serve others.

One of Alabama’s basic herbal medicine training programs is a one year certification course of study that emphasizes Southern and Appalachian Folk Medicine and Western herbs.  Training includes lectures, demonstrations of harvesting and preparing herbs, class discussion and assignments. During the training program, students will compile a materia medica, or body of knowledge about the therapeutic properties of various plants that are used for healing.   Although a program may be primarily based on the medicinal herbs of the Southeast, many of the plants may also grow elsewhere in the United States. Classes generally cover topics such as food as medicine; the human digestive system; joints; the immune system; the nervous system, the brain and emotions; the cardiovascular system; the respiratory system; the urinary system and the reproductive system.

Another option is an herbal practitioner program, which is a two-year program that emphasizes clinical skills and assessment with a focus on Appalachian Folk Medicine. Although many take this program with the goal of becoming a practitioner in their community, others may take the more in-depth training to further their own knowledge or as a way to explore the roots of healing in the South.

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