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Herbal Medicine Training in Arizona - AZ

Herbalist training programs in Arizona provide students with a strong foundation in methods to utilize botanical medicine in healing. Students can use the knowledge gained towards self-healing in order to enhance their own well-being, or go on to become a practicing herbalist and work with others. Students have a number of options, both in bricks-and-mortar institutions and online learning programs.

First of all, an herbalist must know the human body and therefore must study anatomy and physiology. Botany and identifying plants by taxonomic keys is essential as well. For one herbal medicine training option, a student may take a 170 hour hands-on training program. Students will study topics including Matera medica, which is the study of native and non-native medicinal plants, Western and Eastern physiology, and herbal preparations. Students will learn basic plant preparation, such as making tea, tinctures (fresh/maceration), oils, liniments, salves, and poultices as well as more advanced techniques, such as tincture (percolation), fluid extract, ointment, cough syrup, essential oil/hydrosol, suppository, and other preparations.

A vital part of a program is the field study component, where students learn firsthand field wildcrafting techniques and how to properly collect the correct portion of the plant, as well as the precise or optimal time to collect the specimen. Proper plant processing and storage is covered as well.

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