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Herbal Medicine Training in Colorado - CO

Herbalist training programs in Colorado are available that offer introductory, advanced and clinical training in medical herbalism, many of which are offered as distance learning classes in addition to on-site classes.

A fundamental medical herbalism course is often considered the foundation of an herbalist training curriculum. Integrating physiology, pathology, herbal actions, and herbal materia medica, students are introduced to the core concepts of the herbal paradigm of healing, the human body’s tissues and organs and the corresponding herbs that are most commonly used to influence them. An introduction to botany and plant identification, basic nutrition, and methods used to produce herbal medicines and herbs used commercially are some of the topics that are covered.   During this study, students study a specific tissue type or organ, and then learn the corresponding herbs that affect it, and methods to prepare these herbs, such as in teas, tinctures, powders, and salves.

Typically, the advanced herbal medicine training is for those who want to become an herbalist practitioner. Students will learn conduct field studies in the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to focus on the plants available in the region. Students also study the proper way to conduct a patient medical review and interview and generally work on developing their clinical skills.

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