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Herbal Medicine Training in Connecticut - CT

Herbalist training in Connecticut is an excellent way for any student to begin their journey towards providing natural, effective health support for themselves, their friends and their community at large. Herbalism in Connecticut is an unregulated trade, which means that practitioners are not required by law to acquire special certifications or licenses in order to recommend herbal remedies and help others seek a more healthful, energetic and balanced lifestyle.

While licensing isn't an issue for herbalists in Connecticut, extensive training is still an important part of pursuing the profession. Training provides the knowledge to serve patients in the best way possible, and the credibility that helps to build and reassure a client base. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about one-third of Connecticut's adults are college educated. Up and coming herbalists who complete a degree program are far more likely to find satisfying work in their field of choice.

Students who are interested in practicing herbalism professionally will find that relevant university education; certification programs, professional experience and acquiring credentials from herbalist organizations all play an important part in a successful herbalist career. While individual training experiences are certain to vary, most rising herbalists can expect to spend between one and three years attending college, pursuing certification and accumulating experience before they begin working in the field.

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