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Herbal Medicine Training in Florida - FL

Herbalism, the art of healing through use of plants, is an ancient tradition in the midst of a resurgence throughout the United States. As the field of herbalism grows and expands, Florida’s richly diverse ecosystem and large population of senior citizens makes it the perfect place for aspiring herbalists to hone their skills and start their careers.

Senior citizens currently make up 17% of Florida’s population, and are expected to account for one in every four residents by 2030. An increasing number of these senior citizens are turning to herbal remedies to supplement their medical regime or to treat minor ailments without adding new pharmaceutical drugs to their daily routine. 

Florida’s warm climate and plentiful rainfall make it an excellent place for growing herbs year-round.  Consequently, there is a strong tradition of herbalism in the state, resulting in many opportunities for herbal medicine training in Florida.

Most herbalists receive training from experienced herbalists who act as mentors and teachers. Internships and apprenticeships are a great way to get clinical experience while learning key skills and building knowledge.

Since herbalism is a relatively unregulated profession, there are many ways to put your herbalist training to use, from developing your own herbal remedies to working at a larger alternative medicine practice to helping individual clients find holistic health solutions. Salaries also vary widely depending on training and types of work.

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