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Herbal Medicine Training in Georgia - GA

As a part of Southern Appalachia, Georgia has its own rich tradition of herbal healing. Lay practitioners have long relied on such remedies as sumac, evening primrose, and black cohash to restore health.  Today’s herbalists in Georgian cities such as Augusta, Columbus, Atlanta, and Savannah can draw on a rich mix of traditions from around the world. These include Chinese and Indian as well as folk American remedies. Herbalist training in Georgia is truly a world of opportunity.

The foundation for higher level herbalist training in Georgia is a high school level education.  At that point, future herbalists can enroll in a bachelor of science or masters level program that teaches natural remedies -- materia medica -- as well as other standards of the profession.  Students should also gain a good understanding of the philosophies of herbalism. One way that herbalism differs from modern Western medicine is that it does not isolate individual compounds, but leaves them in their natural state to act synergistically. Science is just beginning to understand the ways in which substances can complement one another; this is something nature has always understood. Herbalists are not licensed to diagnose or prescribe, but may work as consultants or educators or incorporate their studies into other health professions. 

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