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Herbal Medicine Training in Hawaii - HI

Lau lapa 'au is herbal healing, and it is a part of ola loa, or Hawaiian healing. Like virtually every other land, Hawaii has it own herbal traditions, stretching back thousands of years. Today's practitioners, though, may draw from many cultures and use herbs from around the globe. Traditional Chinese medicine is also well known in Hawaii; indeed, TCM is one of the branches in which a Hawaiian may pursue formal education and certification.

Hawaiian herbalists, like herbalists everywhere, work with the local population, helping individuals achieve optimal health. Herbalists in Hawaiian cities like Honolulu, Hilo, or Kailua may also assist tourists, including those in the health-related tourism and eco-tourism sectors.  Some practitioners may work in spa settings.

Herbalist training in Hawaii prepares students for a variety of professions from consulting to writing to running a business centered around natural remedies.  Some people pursue training in herbalism to complement other health professions, while others take short courses of study to explore personal interest and improve their own health and those of loved ones.  Herbalism is considered a CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) profession.  The good news is that the Labor Bureau expects this job sector to increase rapidly.