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Herbal Medicine Training in Indiana - IN

How to Become an Herbalist in Indiana

Herbal medicine professionals have the unique responsibility of determining which natural herbal elements can produce a desired effect and combat a variety of human health conditions. Herbal medicine training in Indiana gives students the opportunity to work in an herbal health environment supervised by a practicing herbalist, as well as apply their knowledge and develop skill.

Some of the principles that students can expect to learn from an herbal training program include:

  • History of herbal therapy and its evolution into modern medicine
  • Herbal treatments that can prevent and treat disease
  • Identify scientific herbal elements
  • How to correctly use herbal methods of treatment

Herbal medicine students in Indiana are not required to complete an intern-based training program. However, it is strongly recommended that students recognize the value of the clinical experience, and how it can help build a strong foundation for their careers.

If you do decide to take on an internship, you will be working alongside some very experienced herbalists. These professionals will help you learn how to use herbal remedies effectively, and also how to maximize patient healthcare with natural herbal therapy.

In Indiana, this type of training program consists of 400 or more contact hours, during which students are actively prescribing, formulating, and researching herbal remedies and therapeutics.

The average herbalist salary in Indiana is $57,000. In some of the larger cities, average salary figures are as follows:

  • Indianapolis: $45,000
  • Fort Wayne: $56,000
  • Evansville: $45,000

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