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Herbal Medicine Training in Kentucky - KY

How to Become an Herbalist in Kentucky

Herbalism is a centuries-old practice that uses herbal extractions and natural herbal elements to assist in the treatment of disease and infection, as well to promote natural health and wellness. If you are interested in how the natural creations of the earth can be effectively used alone or in conjunction with traditional western medicine, then this may be the career field for you.

Herbal medicine training in Kentucky places students in a clinical environment and gives them the chance to practice herbalism in a hands-on manner. By working with the most experienced herbal professionals in the state, students are exposed to real-life experiences that will ultimately prepare them for a career in herbal therapeutics.

During this training experience, students learn things like:

  • Identifying plants and herbs
  • The appropriate use of herbal remedies
  • Identifying the appropriate herbal element for optimal treatment
  • Promoting health, wellness, and prevention

In Kentucky, it is not mandatory that students complete a training program of this nature, as there is no state law regulating herbalism. However, the training experience is invaluable because it forces students to take their educational knowledge to the next level and convert it into skill. Herbalist training in Kentucky is most definitely an option that should not be overlooked.

The average salary for this profession in Kentucky is $59,000 per year. Below are some of the average salaries across Kentucky by city:

  • Louisville: $42,000
  • Lexington: $49,000
  • Owensboro: $45,000

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