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Herbal Medicine Training in Louisiana - LA

Herbal medicine is one of the oldest medicinal therapies known to man. Natural herbs from the earth have been used for centuries to create topical salves and tinctures. It is this unique history that makes this particular profession so enticing and intriguing.

Herbal medicine training in Louisiana strives to maintain the natural history of herbal medicine, while showing students how it has evolved into a mainstream medical profession. Students are placed in an herbal health environment alongside the most experienced herbalists to learn things like:

  • Evolution of Herbal Medicine
  • Disease prevention and treatment with herbal care
  • How to identify natural herbal properties
  • Implementation of herbal remedies

Although students in Louisiana are not required to participate in this training program, it is important to realize how truly valuable hands-on training can be. Not only will you learn from the best in the field, you will also place yourself above students that choose not to complete the program.

In general, herbalist training in Louisiana is designed by each individual school. Most of these programs consist of at least 400 hours of clinical training, although some programs may require more hours.

The average herbalist salary in Louisiana is $45,000. The average salaries across the state include:

  • New Orleans: $46,000
  • Baton Rouge: $45,000
  • Shreveport: $38,000

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