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Herbal Medicine Training in Maine - ME

Herbal medicinal therapy has been used for centuries against disease and infection. Today, it is regarded as a well-respected medical profession, and more patients are beginning to see the value behind herbal therapies.

The purpose of herbalist training in Maine is to expose students to the realities of the profession. This is done by placing students in an herbal clinical environment in which they actually perform the duties of an herbalist. Some of the things that students learn are:

  • History behind herbal therapy
  • Understanding the natural properties of herbs
  • Interaction with patients about their questions or concerns
  • Understanding which herbs are effective against different medical conditions

In Maine, there are no state licensing regulations for this profession, so students are not required to complete a formal training program. However, the value behind hands-on, supervised instruction cannot be underestimated. This is time when students will take their knowledge and develop skill. Overall, most herbal training programs in Maine consist of 400 contact hours of training, although some schools will require more or less depending on their curriculum.

On average, herbalists in Maine can expect to earn around $45,000 per year. However, geographical location can have an impact:

  • Portland: $33,000
  • Lewiston: $34,000
  • Bangor: $39,000
  • West Scarborough: $32,000
  • Sanford: $32,000

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