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Herbal Medicine Training in Maryland - MD

Much of the scientific development of conventional western medicine has its roots in herbal therapy, which was around for millennia before conventional pharmacological medicine became a reality. The practice of herbal medicine has been highly effective for thousands of years, making it truly one of the most natural and ancient of all professions still in existence.

Herbal medicine training in Maryland consists of clinic-based, hands-on interaction with experienced herbalists. The goal of these programs is to familiarize students with their responsibilities and scope of practice, as well as to help them develop themselves professionally.

Some of the principles of these programs include:

  • The history and roots of herbal medicine
  • Clinical identification of natural herbal constituents
  • Promoting health and wellness with herbal care
  • Educating patients on effective herbal remedies

It should be mentioned, however, that formal training and licensure is not required by Maryland state law, but students need to understand the type of value that this can bring to their careers as the that complete these programs will have much better career prospects in Maryland.

The typical salary of an herbalist in Maryland is $59,000. Keep in mind this is only an average, and several factors (experience, facility type, location) can influence this figure considerably. Some of the average herbalist salaries in Maryland by city include:

  • Baltimore: $56,000
  • Columbia: $63,000
  • Silver Spring: $63,000
  • Ellicott City: $62,000
  • Sanford: $32,000

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