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Herbal Medicine Training in Massachusetts - MA

Herbal medicine has a deep and rich history dating back centuries before traditional scientific medicine even became a theory. One thing that you can count on from a career in herbalism is a natural history that continues to intrigue professionals and patients alike.

Herbalist training in Massachusetts gives students the opportunity to work with and learn from well-educated, experienced herbalists. During this training program, students will work on an intern basis in a clinical or herbal environment. They will learn and practice their responsibilities, and inevitably build on their knowledge and develop skill.

Students will be taught things like:

  • The benefits of stand-alone herbal therapy and combining herbal and traditional benefit for optimal health
  • Clinical research
  • How to identify herbs and plants
  • How to promote the health benefits of herbalism

Keep in mind that a license in herbalism is not required in Massachusetts, which means that training is not a requirement either. It is completely up to you whether or your not you choose to pursue an independent training program. However, if you want to be successful in your career as an herbalist, it is best that you complete a clinical training program.

Most herbalists in Massachusetts earn around $62,000 a year, although the specific area of herbal medicine you pursue can greatly influence your salary. Geographic location is also a consideration, as below:

  • Boston: $61,000
  • Worcester: $50,000
  • Springfield: $53,000
  • Cambridge: $60,000
  • Lowell: $59,000

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