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Herbal Medicine Training in Minnesota - MN

How to Become an Herbalist in Minnesota

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “It took 99 years, but Minnesota has finally given official recognition to the practice of naturopathic medicine, which relies on the body's powers to heal itself. Under a new state law, naturopaths -- who use everything from herbal remedies to biofeedback -- will be allowed to register with the state and call themselves doctors.�? This recent victory is just one indication of how times are changing in Minnesota health care. With this current change, more job opportunities will open up to those who wish to enter this expanding field of medicine. Along with the shift in attitude, there will also be a positive change in salary for the new herbal professional.

While herbalist training in Minnesota is still new, there are many opportunities for the student wishing to enter this practice. The training used to be less formal as were the type of careers practiced as an herbalist. Now; however, schools are becoming more widely available to train anyone who wants to practice herbal medicine in Minnesota leading to a professional certificate or degree in herbalism. Some of the larger cities in Minnesota, such as Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Rochester, have online schools for training as well as local practitioners who can offer support and advice to you while you are a student.

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