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Herbal Medicine Training in Mississippi - MS

Herbalism is often termed alternative or complementary or alternative medicine, but it is in fact one of the oldest forms of medical treatment, and one that has never fully gone out of favor. It was less popular during much of the 20th century, but is again enjoying a resurgence. The Bureau of Labor classifies herbalism as an alternative or complementary medicine practice -- and part of a field that is growing at a rate much above the national average. This opens up new opportunities for those seeking herbalist training in Mississippi cities like Jackson, Gulfport, and Biloxi. From young professionals to baby boomers, Americans are treating themselves with herbs and nutrition -- and looking for some friendly advice.

Mississippi’s first herbalists were Native Americans from groups like the Chickasaw and Biloxi.  Herbalist training in Mississippi now draws from a rich collection of naturalist traditions from around the globe.  Students who have at least a high school education can choose from a variety of programs.  Some are offered at the bachelors level, others at the masters.  It is also an option to enroll in shorter certificate program.

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