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Herbal Medicine Training in Montana - MT

If you are interested in a medical career with a deep history in native culture, then herbalism may be appropriate for you. This type of medicine has been in use for thousands of years, since long before the advent of pharmaceuticals, herbs and plants were all that our ancestors had to combat illness. Even though herbal medicine may be ages old, it is still effective, and with advances in science, it becomes more effective every day.

Herbal medicine training in Montana is a clinical experience that exposes students to the realities of working with herbal medicine. While the basics of this type of medicine are learned in an educational setting, it is this type of complex training that allows students to understand herbalism as the core of optimal patient care.

During this program, students will learn about:

  • How herbal remedies can prevent and treat illness
  • Clinical research of herbal therapy
  • Identification of plants and herbal elements
  • Understand the treatment effects of herbal medicine

In Montana, it is not required for students to enroll in an herbalist training program. Still, students should be aware that learning in a hands-on manner is the best way to be successful in any career, and herbal medicine is no exception. The majority of herbal medicine students in Montana do complete this program, so it is best to keep this open as an option.

The average herbalist salary in Montana is $57,000. Some of the average salaries by city include:

  • Billings: $46,000
  • Missoula: $40,000
  • Great Falls: $44,000
  • Butte: $41,000

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