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Herbal Medicine Training in New Jersey - NJ By Susan Maphis, allied health world contributing writer Published:   September 1st, 2010

How to Become an Herbalist in New Jersey

Herbalism is one of a wide variety of alternative medicine disciplines. If you are interested in herbalist training in New Jersey, the only prerequisite is a high school diploma. Of course, having an interest in herbal and alternative medicine helps. Here are the steps to becoming an herbalist in the state of New Jersey:

  1. Graduate from high school and receive your diploma (or GED).
  2. Enroll in a school offering herbal medicine training in New Jersey. This may be offered at an independent school, college, or through distance learning online. The program will take about a year to complete and result in a certificate.
  3. Upon graduation, the field of herbalism is quite open with regard to job opportunities. Herbal companies in New Jersey include Herbal Therapeutics, Inc. in Washington; Well Sweep Herb Farm in Port Murray; Sabinsa Corporation in East Windsor; Solgar World Headquarters in Leonia; and Archon Vitamin Corp. in Irvington.

Herbalists may find work in private clinics, with other natural health practitioners, in health stores, in wellness centers, in the fields and greenhouses of herb producers, and even with herbal pharmacies. Because the field of herbalism is so diversified, an herbalist’s salary tends to vary from one position to the next. However, according to salary data provided by indeed.com, the average salary for an herbalist working in New Jersey is $57,000 per year, a figure which is three percent higher than the average national salary for an herbalist. Keep in mind that this is a median figure, and based on factors such as education, certification and experience. The American Herbalists Guild has reported that salaries for herbalists can vary from a low of $20,000 annually to a high of $100,000 (usually if one has medical training in addition to herbal training).

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