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Herbal Medicine Training in New Mexico - NM

Herbal medicine is part of an ancient oral tradition. Paramount in the practice of herbalism is man’s relationship to the natural world of plant medicines and herbal remedies. The state of New Mexico, especially the northern section, is a veritable garden of herbs, which may have helped herbal medicine to flourish in this state. It's also worth noting that herbal medicine schools tend to be accessible. If you have graduated high school, then you have completed the only prerequisite necessary to enroll in most herbal medicine schools in the state.

Herbalist education in New Mexico can last from one to four years, and result in a certificate, associate or bachelor degree. It is a medical practice that is not regulated by the state, so graduates are free to pursue jobs immediately upon graduation. Companies in New Mexico that could employ herbalists include Herbal Life in Las Cruces, Sunstone Herb Farm in Albuquerque, and United Plant Savers in Albuquerque. The average salary for an herbalist in New Mexico, just as in other parts of the country, varies widely depending upon the type of job you take. If you work in herbal retail, you may make $25,000, while pursuing additional medical training and becoming a doctor or a nurse may garner an annual salary upwards of $100,000.

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