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Herbal Medicine Training in North Carolina - NC

People have used plants to heal ailments and illnesses for centuries. Yet herbalism has only recently undergone a resurgence of interest in the United States. As Americans seek to reduce their dependence on pharmaceutical drugs, herbalism has exploded in popularity. Due to the Appalachian region’s long history of folk healing and the rich biodiversity of the mountain forests; North Carolina is one of the best places in the country to become an herbalist.

Traditionally, herbalists learn their craft by working with experienced mentors and teachers. Clinical experience through internships and apprenticeships is a key component of the learning process for most herbalists. Fortunately, opportunities for herbal medicine training in North Carolina are abundant.

Herbalism is still relatively unregulated, so you can put your training to use in many ways. Some herbalists focus on developing their own herbal remedies, while others conduct research for alternative medicine companies. Some are employed by larger alternative medicine practices, and some work independently with individual clients. And some do all of the above. Salaries and schedules can vary widely depending on which path you choose, so it’s a good idea to look into your options and decide what option makes sense for you. To succeed in any of these fields, though, education and training are essential.

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