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Herbal Medicine Training in North Dakota - ND

Herbalism is one of those health branches that is, for a lot of people, a labor of love -- an avocation turned vocation. The labor bureau reports that complementary and alternative medicine professions are growing much above the national average, and that’s good news for those in Fargo, Bismarck, Minot, or Grand Forks who want to become consultants in herbology or incorporate herbal knowledge into other health professions. CAM practitioners believe that herbs are often more effective than pharmaceuticals. One way that herbalism differs from modern Western medicine is that it does not isolate individual compounds, but leaves them in their natural state to act synergistically. Science is just beginning to understand the ways in which substances can complement one another, but this is something nature has always understood.

Herbalist training in North Dakota helps students understand the healing powers of nature.  Education typically covers a wide range of topics.  In addition to an introduction to materia medica, or herbal remedies, students will learn anatomy and other human sciences. They will study botany and pharmacognosy while staying on top of field-related research. The course of study will also provide a framework for legal and ethical issues.

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