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Herbal Medicine Training in Ohio - OH

Steeped in tradition and often steeped in your tea, herbal medicine enjoys a written history of about 5,000 years. The actual history may be closer to the history of humanity. Alternative health providers believe that herbs are often more beneficial than pharmaceuticals. Western medicine isolates chemicals compounds. Herbalism, on the other hand, leaves natural elements whole, so that compounds can have a synergistic effect on each other.  More and more, the medical establishment is recognizing the value of these natural substances. Education programs are becoming more accessible. Herbalist training in Ohio helps people act as consultants and educators, assisting others in reaping the benefits of herbs. Herbalists who have additional health certifications may also find lucrative positions in integrative medicine.

Natural remedies can be powerful forces for healing, or -- in the wrong hands -- of illness. That's why it is important to have a solid education in herbalism, one that draws from anatomy, botany, and other fields. Herbalist training in cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Toledo incorporates wisdom from around the globe.  Typical classes include physiology and botany.  As is the case with most helping professions, study generally culminates with supervised clinical work.

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