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Herbal Medicine Training in Oklahoma - OK

Oklahoma is a land of vast mountain ranges, native forests, and prairies. In fact, 24% of Oklahoma’s geography is covered by forest and prairie grasslands, which makes this a great state to learn how to become an herbalist. Herbalism has been an active form of medical treatment in Oklahoma for centuries. However, recently, it has evolved to become more of a mainstream medical profession, or at least a supplement to conventional Western medicine.

Herbalist training in Oklahoma begins with a firm understanding of the concepts of herbal therapy. By practicing as an apprentice herbalist, you can expand your understanding of these concepts and become an expert in alternative medical therapies.  An herbal training program in Oklahoma is intended to teach students how to choose an herbal remedy that can most effectively assist in the treatment of a patient’s health condition. Some common herbal remedies include:

  • Black Cohosh (menstrual cramping)
  • Aloe Vera (wound care and burns)
  • Cranberry (urinary infections)
  • Feverfew (migraine headaches)
  • Garlic (antibiotic)

A great many herbalists in Oklahoma operate their own independent herbal clinics or work alongside integrative medicine professionals. With a thorough knowledge of natural herbal treatment, herbalists in all areas of Oklahoma, including Norman, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, can practice their skills in an array of health care facilities that support the use of herbal therapy.

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