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Herbal Medicine Training in Oregon - OR

The Pacific Northwest’s rich natural setting is an excellent place to learn the ancient art of herbalism. Herbalism is an age-old traditional medical practice that uses plants to heal illness and increase wellbeing. Many experienced and knowledgeable herbalists live and work in Oregon, in part due to its diverse ecosystem full of a wide variety of plants and herbs that can be used in creating remedies and treatments.

When you’re done with your training, you’ll find a wide variety of options opening before you. For example, you can formulate your own herbal treatments based on the botanical knowledge you’ve gained, or you can work for a larger herbal supplement manufacturer to develop, test, and improve herbal remedies. You can start a practice of your own, work occasionally with individual clients, or join forces with other alternative medicine practitioners, like chiropractors and acupuncturists, to open an alternative wellness center. You may also be able to find a job at a larger medical institution like a hospital or clinic, as many are beginning to offer alternative healthcare options to meet the growing demand for such services. Finally, you can work as a teacher, designing your own herbal education program or teaching at an existing school.

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