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Herbal Medicine Training in Pennsylvania - PA

How to Become an Herbalist in Pennsylvania

Herbal medicine is more than just an alternative to conventional medicine. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have found that herbal additives such as the ones that were found in ancient Egyptian alcoholic beverages can help reduce the risk of cancer. With such well-respected medical researchers realizing the efficacy of herbal medicine in treating today’s medical conditions, it should come as no surprise that the numbers of people in Pennsylvania interested in herbalist training is on the rise.

The minimum requirement to enter herbal medicine training programs in Pennsylvania is a high school diploma/GED. Schooling can take from six months to four years, depending upon the certificate or degree that is sought. Upon graduating, jobs are available in a variety of settings and industries across the state. Companies in Pennsylvania that will be interested in hiring the next generation of herbalists include ProPhase Labs in Doylestown, Dentsply International in York, and United Natural Foods in Pittsburgh. As one might expect, the salary for an herbalist job in Pennsylvania varies greatly depending upon the job setting and industry. Retail herbal specialists might make $25,000 annually, while those with more medical training, such as physicians and other health practitioners, could make $80,000 to $100,000 or more annually.

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